Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fun Life of an Influenster!

So a YouTuber I follow got me hooked on Influenster. What is Influenster?

Well it's an amazing online community of you can join where your opinion on products can be heard. Once you join the website (which is free!), you'll take some surveys and unlock "badges." All of this helps the good people of Influenster match you with VoxBoxes filled with products for you to review. The companies want to know how you feel about these products, sometimes before they hit the stores!

The VoxBoxes are filled with either full size or generously sized sample sizes. Again all of this is for free! You will have some steps to follow in order to good standing with Influenster and continue to be chosen for future shipments.

Easy peesy right?

So if your interested why not check them out and let your voice be heard. Just go to and sign up! Plus they've just redesigned their website so now it's better than ever.

I love going through the pages of products and seeing other Influenster member's reviews of products. You really get a feel for how well a product works or doesn't work and all reviews are honest. This isn't about just saying somethings great so you can be picked, it's really about consumers making their voices heard.

Another great part of the website is the Happenings pages. This page keeps you in the loop about the current VoxBox programs and what each one is about. Maybe you didn't get picked for that VoxBox, but you can still stay in the loop about the product/promotion.

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