Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Life can be so incredibly frustrating....

I usually spend most of my days trying my hardest not to let the little things...no, no more like everyday annoyances and hiccups get me down.  Unfortunately on days like today, they seem to pile up until I feel like my frustration level is at critical mass. 

I try so hard everyday to keep positive that everything is going to be okay and work out for the best, but there are days when it feels like it takes up more energy trying to say positive than giving in to the negative feelings.  Constantly fighting the voice in the back of my mind telling me to give up and give in can be so overwhelming and time consuming, it feels like I'm missing out on my entire day.  Maybe that's what these feelings or voices want....to win, to take over my entire day.  How am I suppose to try to overcome these feelings and be positive and feel positive about current life events when I just don't have the energy.

There is plenty good going on to be focused on!  Life is going to be fun and exciting as this year draws to an end...yes I know it's not even October yet but seriously this year is going to be over before I blink.  Lots planned, lots to do, lots to look forward to.  OMG....hahaha that totally rhymed!  Anyways, these are the days when I want to bury my head in the sand and send up the white flag.

Guess that's why I started this blog.  Thought it was a way to be cute and have something meaningful to say but really it's an outlet for my crazy thoughts to be released into the universe and hopefully never return....

Or at least not for a day or two...one can hope!

Well whether or not anyone else ever reads this blog and says, "Wow, I've felt like that too.  At least I'm not the only one." it has helped me for today.