Thursday, November 8, 2012

Palmolive Fresh Infusions

So a while back I joined this fun little community called Influenster.  You go through a ton of questionnaires and can get picked to be sent full size or trial size products that companies are getting ready to or have rolled out. Part of the program is doing reviews on blogs or videos and also completing reviews on their website.

I was recently sent three FULL SIZE (how awesome is that?!) bottles of the new Palmolive Fresh Infusions liquid dish soap. The scents they created in order of my preference are:

  • Lime Base ~ To me the perfect blend of citrus and herb.
  • Lemon Thyme ~ I smell more Thyme then lemon. Now lemon is my favorite cleaning product scent so I was hoping for a little more balanced scent.
  • Ginger White Tea ~ Maybe I just don't really know what these smell like individually but it kinda smelled nondescript to me.
I was so excited & surprised to have three full size bottles to choose from. The instructions are for me to choose my favorite....Lime Basil all the way, let a girlfriend choose one....hopefully I'll see my bestie by Monday, and the third keep as backup.

These will or are available at Target & Walmart. I was also sent five coupons to give out to friends! Pretty sweet deal right?!

So how does it work? I think exceptionally well. I actually like it better than what I had before & definitely better than Dawn (hate that stuff). This is definitely a product I plan on repurchasing and recommend making the trip down to your Walmart or Target to check it out.

Check out the Palmolive website for more info on this new product at

If you happen to find it let me know what your favorite scent is!

*Disclaimer ~ I did receive this product complimentary through Influenster.*

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