Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who Are "They" & Why Should We Listen To Them?

We have all heard that saying....

You know the one.  The one that makes us scratch our heads wondering why without any real answers just more questions.

So this is my most hated saying....

"Well you know they say....."

I for one do not know what they say....what makes them such an expert on everything....and why we should listen to them.

Now to be perfectly honest I have not researched who any of these mystery people are, so for all I know "they" may actually be experts on everything.  However I am barraged everyday with emails with from supposed experts about anything and everything that I must be interested in.  Plus all the ads on web pages from these experts which often times have been exposed as frauds. is the reason why I get so irritated from this saying.

My tomatoes can no longer go in my fridge our their texture gets weird, my flour and chips go in the freezer to keep bugs out and keep them fresh, I shouldn't wash my hair everyday because it's too harsh (or something however my hair gets disgustingly oily if I don't wash my hair daily), I shouldn't drink or give soy milk to my kids because it can cause cancer, we should only use cleaning and beauty products that are natural and/or organic because chemicals are too harsh and can cause cancer......well you get the picture.

So I for one am here to say, "NO I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY SAY!" and I really don't care. 

I basically live my life the way I see fit and do not need to know what "they" say.

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