Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pinup Lifestyle

So I'll be doing a few of these blogs where I feature some of my favorite websites.  This one is really cool because it's dedicated to the Pinup Lifestyle whether your a fan, a model, a photographer or vendor. 

It's appropriately title Pinup Lifestyle.com (that's www.pinuplifestyle.com)!  It's kind of a social networking site for people who love all things pinup.  You do have to request a membership to join by filling out a sort of application.  It goes over your general interest in Pinup Lifestyle and whether your a professional joining or a fan. 

They have lots of cool features from photo contests to shopping websites to different promotions.  They even offer a magazine they put out several times a year called Pinup Lifestyle.  You really have to check it out to see everything it has to offer.  I really can't do it justice trying to describe it in my blog.

It's definitely worth checking out and best of all there's lots of shopping websites!  I find it hard to find quality websites that offer pinup/vintage clothing and accessories, but they have some really great stuff.  Plus you don't have to search through thousands of web pages!

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