Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sometimes It's Okay to Say No

So I've had tons and tons and tons going on lately. I've been feeling incredibly guilty for not keeping up on my videos and blogs. I've come to realize this week that I've taken on too much and something has to give for my own sanity.

I have certain events coming up that are no son's first day of kindergarten, my 10 Year Anniversary Party, and my anniversary trip at the end of the year with my hubby (just the two of us)!

Along the way, I tried to take on other smaller events but I've found that it's all too close together. I've decided instead of stressing myself out to get everything done, I'm going to say no to certain things I committed to.

Now I DO NOT like letting people down when I've made a commitment, however I realized that I've been making myself sick with stress over the past month. Too much is going on and for my own sanity and health I'm having to say no. This has been very freeing and I realized that sometimes it's okay to say no after you've said yes.

Sometimes situations change and life throws you a curve ball. When this happens, it's better to back off from non-essential commitments and regroup. People who really care about you will understand that in these instances, you're not "flaking," you just can only take on so much at one time.

So now I'm in my regrouping mode and hope to be posting more blogs and making more videos as I get my schedule reorganized.

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