Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Influenster Summer 2012 Beauty VoxBox

I received the Influenster Summer 2012 Beauty VoxBox for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the products included. You can click on the video below to see my review on YouTube and get a preview of the products I reviewed.

Below is a list of the products I received, a brief description, and whether or not I would purchase again....

Hawaiian Tropics Silky Hydration in SPF 30
$8.99 for 6oz
Comes in SPF 12, 30, or 50
Overall I'm always happy with Hawaiian Tropics products. It's a tie for my favorite sunscreen, the other one I really like I mention in my blog about my skincare routine. It's the only "non-natural" lines of sunscreen that doesn't bother my skin & actually keeps me from burning every time I use it. This is a product I will definitely keep in stock!

Tampax & Always Radiant Collection of pads & tampons
Price varies per box
It came with a pouch to put the products in to take on the go. It's a really good idea if you're going out for the night or just a couple of errands so you don't have to bring a big purse to "hide" all your stuff in. They've redesigned to packaging to try and make it look nicer, but if you pull it out of your purse it still looks like a pad/tampon. Changing up the look of the product doesn't change what it is.

I usually keep some panty liners on hand, but I've started going to more natural lines because they don't have chlorine in them. YES most commercial brands use chlorine in their pads/tampons. Kinda gross. Plus due to the birth control I use, I almost never have my period so I don't keep a lot on hand.

Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut Bread
$3.29 per box
It was super yummy! A plus is you can eat it out of the box or heat it up...super cool. I honestly probably wouldn't buy again. It claims to have high protein with vitamins and minerals but upon inspection of the ingredients it also has quite a bit of sugar. Having a son with ADHD I don't normally keep a lot of this kind of food in the house. It tends to feed his negative behaviors so I have to be careful what I feed him.

If you don't have any issues, they are definitely delicious and I would highly recommend but in moderation. Whole food is always better for you than processed!

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish in Ionic Indigo
$9.99 per bottle
This type of nail polish is super cool & becoming super popular. You an create patterns in your nail polish using the magnet included without having to use a separate nail polish!

Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle Cream
$5.99 for full size
I LOVE THIS STUFF!! I will definitely buy again. It lasts through at least one hand washing which is great. Don't you hate when you put lotion on & not long after have to wash your hands off only to wash off the lotion?! This products works pretty good at not washing off. Plus I love the fresh citrusy scent!

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy
Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner
$4.99- $5.99
This is suppose to treat your scalp first to give you healthier hair. They claim the secret to great looking hair is a healthy scalp. It seems to work like any other shampoo & conditioner. They claim after 7 days you'll have less breakage & healthier hair. I gave it the 7 day challenge & did not notice any remarkable difference in my hair. I also didn't particularly love fragrance, kind of a generic shampoo smell. It is a great value & would probably purchase the trial sizes I've seen at Target ($1.99 each) to take with me on trips so I don't have to pack my regular shampoo & conditioner. My only real gripe that would keep me from being a regular customer is that the shampoo has sulfates in it. I find that no matter the formula, if it has sulfates it dries out my hair more than sulfate free shampoos.

So that's it! If you want, check out the video below to see the actual products I've listed above. Have a great day out there!!

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