Saturday, September 3, 2011

Abscence makes the heart grow fonder

It's been a while....I have been neglectful......but with good reason.

1. We had an awful stomach bug run its course through most members of the house.

2. My husband broke his foot.

3. The day after my husband broke his foot my computer exploded (I seriously thought it was a gun shot).

So things are starting to calm back down.  Hubby is recovering nicely and should be back to work in about three weeks.  My wonderful father-in-law is our computer IT guy and patch the computer back together.  The awful stomach bug finally left the building.

The curve ball life has been throwing my way has not only derailed my blogging but has put a serious halt to my YouTube videos.  Hopefully over the next week, I will get caught up with some of my videos I had lined up and I will get back to my blogging.

A few things we're all looking forward to....

1. Hubby returning to work.

2. I got a new job in sales for a company and product I love.

3. My little boy starts preschool next week.

4. In two weeks we leave for SoCal for a much needed and overdue vacation....

5. Said vacation includes a trip to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!

Much to blog about in the future...stay tuned!

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