Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Didn't You Wait?!

That's what I heard from my bestie after I tried to explain what had happened to my haircut after bringing in a diagram of the "Middy Long" haircut to a salon.  The middy haircut was created by Ivan Anderson, a hair stylist for Warner Bros. Studios during the 1940's. It became very popular during WWII, as women started wearing their hair shorter trying to be more patriotic.

So in jumping the gun to get my haircut because I am an incredibly impatient person when it comes to my hair, I did two things wrong...
  1. I did not got to a stylist I really trusted.  My bestie has been doing my hair for 10 years now.  In fact she's been doing my hair since she was in cosmetology school!  So when I tried to explain what went wrong and how my hair was cut, I heard "Why didn't you wait?! You should have waited until you could come over."  Which to her credit is totally true!!  Instead I had gotten impatient and found someone on a whim.  I also should have known when neither she nor another person in the salon understood the diagram I brought in, it was time to go or at least nix the middy until I could go to see my bestie.  Which leads me to my next point....
  2. You really need to do your homework on the middy.  Haircutting techniques were very different in the 1940's to now.  Everything from the way the hair is sectioned to the direction layers are cut are very very different.  If you do not do your homework and really understand how the middy haircut is achieved you won't be able to explain it to your stylist and you won't be happy with the outcome.  More is needed then finding a copy of the diagram online!  I highly recommend you purchase Creative Hairshaping & Hairstyling by Ivan Anderson.  I had to purchase it from as I could not find a book store that carried it.  It was only around $21 with shipping, so there isn't a huge investment.  The book has all the diagrams plus written instructions on how the haircut is to be done.  It also has all the variations if you want a longer version for the top and sides of the hair.
So my bestie did the best she could with what was left of my hair.  I am now beginning the process of growing out the mistakes and continuing my experiment with a true 1940's haircut. 

Why would I want a 1940's haircut?....Well simply put, it really makes achieving the hairstyles from that era much easier than with a modern haircut.  As things progress I will be updating you all.

On the plus side, since so much of my hair got cut off, the majority of the damaged hair is also gone!  No more super dry ends.

Stay tuned my lovelies.....

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