Friday, May 13, 2011

Something That's Been Bothering Me

Since becoming a parent, I've become more sensitive to products being marketed for children.  There's a new trend that has been bothering me for some time and I just have to get it off my chest.

No I'm not talking about thong underwear or pushup bikini tops being made for girls as young as eight years old (although I find it disgusting).

I'm talking about food manufacturers putting "whole grains" into sugary kids cereals and then labeling it healthy.  As if adding "whole grains" to these cereals now cancels out all the sugar and food coloring in them.  In a country where childhood obesity is becoming the norm and not the exception, this is not a step in the right direction.

I find it unethical on food manufacturers part to put these claims on "boxes of death."  In all reality that's what these cereals are.  They in no way teach healthy eating habits to kids.  Given the fact that this is the first generation of children in danger of being out lived by their parents, I don't see how these companies can get away with it. 

I feel like the only way to get the point across to food manufacturers that we as parents are not going to buy into their lies, is to not buy any of these so-called "whole grain" kid cereals. 

It's time to take back control of our kids health and teach better eating habits.

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