Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beauty Industries Ugly Secret

Or not so ugly secret depending on how you feel about it.

What am I talking about?

Testing beauty products on animals.

I was honestly shocked when I started looking into how many companies still use animal testing for their products.  When I started researching this on the internet I was even more shocked at how confusing it is to really know if a company tests their products on animals. I've read several sites, blogs, and supposedly informative websites that all contradict each other as to specific companies.

So how is a girl, who feels like animal testing is wrong and unnecessary, suppose to know if the products she's using are cruelty/animal testing free?

First I would start with They can be a little intense so I would be cautious how deep you go into their website to do you research. You may see something you weren't prepared for. The great thing about is they have a very comprehensive list of companies that DO test and DO NOT test. They also have a list for the in-betweeners. After that you can try out the companies website itself and even email them to find out.

What is an in-betweener?

These are companies who do no test on their products being sold in the US but due to governmental regulations and laws, have to test on products going into specific counties.

Here is a quick list of, in my opinion, the more known brands who do test on animals:

Cover Girl
Estee Lauder
MAC (I still find conflicting reports)
Mary Kay
Urban Decay

Some great brands that DO NOT test on animals:

Revlon (although they show on Peta's list of companies that do test, I have found several posts dated from this year that state otherwise)
Physicians Formula
MakeUp Forever
Wet 'N Wild
Forever 21 Beauty Brand
Bare Essentials/Minerals
Sephora Brand
Bomber Betty
Mally Cosmetics
Laura Geller Cosmetics

This list for both are much much longer. I encourage all of you to do your research and see if you feel comfortable using or not using products that test on animals. A companies empty pocket book does more than angry emails. If we show companies that we don't see the need for animal testing whether we are passionate animal lovers/rights activists or not by not purchasing their products at some point they will have to listen.

This is not intended to be judgmental of anyone who continues to use or not use any products listed above. It is simply meant to inform those who may have not been aware of what was going on in the beauty industry. Some of you may have been using these products not realizing they test them on animals...and not wanting to be someone who condones animal testing.

If you've found some great cruelty/animal testing free products not listed above I encourage you to comment with them below. Sharing on these platforms is a powerful way to show these companies who we really feel!

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